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MSS 27″ Cabinet with Recycle Bin without Worktop

SKU: 47649


Price: $1,365

Combination Set 1/2″, 95-PCS – MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 309510

Description: This Sonic 1/2" drive socket and bit set takes care of your need for specialty fasteners. Sonic builds the sockets from Chrome Vanadium steel, while the bits are made from hardened tool steel.

Price: $1,100

Hex ball key set (folding) 7-pc

SKU: 600714-obsolete

Description: Enhance your toolkit with our Folding 7-Piece Hex Ball Key Set. Versatile, ball-end design, and convenient folding. Upgrade your tightening toolkit now!

Price: $45

Dual-Direction Torque Wrench


Description: This Sonic dual direction torque wrench includes a feature not possible by most torque wrenches. If you ever have a left-hand threaded fastener that needs to be torqued, the typical torque wrench is not calibrated for this. Sonic took a very simple approach by allowing the anvil to push through the other side of the ratchet, hence enabling the torque wrench to be measure torque in either direction. Sonic torque wrenches includes scales for ft-lbs and nm with a magnifying window to easily see your setting. The locking knob on the end ensure the handle isn't turned when in use.

Price: $240

MCS Combination Set 1/4″, 1/2″, 94-pcs.

SKU: 309402

Description: Take your Sonic Tools with you. This Sonic MCS 94-piece set includes 1/4" and 1/2" drive ratchets and sockets in an easy to carry case. Inside the case are two laser-cut foam trays just like Sonic toolboxes. Each tool has a perfect place in the foam along with the corresponding label. Also included are extensions, socket-driver handle, and bits. Sonic ratchets and sockets are made from Chrome-Vanadium steel for durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.

Price: $465

Reversible ratcheting wrench 12pt. in pouch, 12 pcs.

SKU: 601219

Description: Versatile 12-Piece Reversible Ratcheting Wrench Set - 12PT. Housed in a pouch for ease. Adapt to different fasteners effortlessly. Upgrade your toolkit today!

Price: $305

Metric Socket & Screwdriver Set 1/4″, 78-PCS – MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 107801K

Description: Sonic screwdrivers include ergonomic plastic handles with a rubber overmold for comfort and grip. It consists of Philips 0-3 and slotted 3-8mm. The door panel removal tools and the scraper include the same handle as the screwdrivers. A 10-piece Hex-key set ranges in size from 1.25-10mm, including a folding case to keep them tidy. Sonic sockets and bits are made from Chrome Vanadium steel, including E-Torx and Hex-keys. This set comes with a 1/4" universal joint, a fixed ratchet along with 3 extensions, a hand ratcheting spinner, and nut-driver style driver finishes this set.

Price: $635

Screwdriver Set, 24-PCS – MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 602407K

Description: This Sonic 24-piece set includes screwdrivers with ergonomic tri-lobe plastic handles and a rubber overmold for comfort and grip. Chrome Vanadium shafts ensure duarability for years of use, and a hardened magnetic tip offers maximum gripping power.

Price: $305

3/8″ Drive Torque wrench 20-100NM (14-73 FT-LBS)

SKU: 732210100

Description: Sonic's 3/8" 20-100 nm (14-73 ft-lbs) torque wrench works in a single direction, accurately measuring the force placed on a fastener in a clock-wise motion. The handle of the wrench turns to adjust the setting, with a magnifying lens built into the handle making the numbers easy to read. A knob at the end of the handle keeps it locked during use and easily pops out for adjustment for the next fastener.

Price: $220

Torsion extention set 1/2″, 4 pcs.

SKU: 300401

Description: Upgrade your toolkit with our 1/2" Torsion Extension Set and experience the perfect balance of torque and precision in your projects.

Price: $155

MCS Socket and Bit Socket Set 3/8″, 61-PCS

SKU: 206102

Description: This 61-piece 3/8" Ratchet and Socket kit is a great choice for keeping in your vehicle. You get the Sonic Tools ratchet as well as shallow flank drive sockets from 6mm to 24mm. Furthermore, this kit includes deep-well sockets from 8mm to 19mm, with a 16mm and 21mm spark-plug socket thrown in. Sonic ratchets and sockets are made from Chrome-Vanadium steel for durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. Sonic Tools are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Price: $410

MCS Metric Flank Socket 1/4” – 6 pt, 46-PCS

SKU: 104602

Description: Why not start with the Sonic 1/4" MCS Socket Set? You get 46 pieces of Sonic Tools glory including 1/4" drive sockets from 4mm to 14mm, as well as a 1/4" ratchet and a few extensions. Also included are socket bits for screws and various fasteners. The set includes two laser-cut foam trays with perfect cutouts for each tool and labeled accordingly. Sonic ratchets and sockets are made from Chrome-Vanadium steel for durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. Sonic Tools are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Price: $440

MSS 26″/34″ Setup with 13 Drawers with Stainless Steel Worktop

SKU: 4731811K

Description: Shop our Modular Storage Systems to maximize workflow, featuring a 26" storage cabinet with drawers, 26" 9 drawer cabinet, and hanging boards.

Price: $5,020

Metric Wrench Set, 19-PCS – SMALL SFS

SKU: 601903K

Description: Sonic Tools combination wrenches include an open-end on one end of the wrench and a box-end on the other end. The box-end of these wrenches include a 12-point design for easier and quicker engagement of fasteners. Sonic wrenches are made from Chrome-Vanadium steel for a lifetime of durability, strength, and corrosion resistance.

Price: $305

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