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Aviation Solutions

Enhancing Efficiency in the Aviation Industry

Efficiency in Aviation

Our aviation solutions are designed with the technician in mind. They were created with direction from industry experts with focus on organization, accountability, and inventory control.

Why Sonic?

  • Positive Tool Control – Sonic provides a solution to assist in preventing FOD in aviation by implementing an organization system that optimizes tool control.
  • Combat The Shortage – The lack of MRO technicians has severely affected the aviation industry. Supplying complete, organized tool solutions attracts top aviation technicians and aviation mechanics, allowing productivity to thrive.
  • Minimize Frustration – Need assistance for multiple facilities across several states? Sonic offers one point of contact for all facilities nationwide ensuring that you receive the support you deserve.
  • Lifetime Warranty – We back all Sonic products with a convenient lifetime warranty. No more waiting weeks or months to get a tool warranty claim processed. Technicians can file a claim and we will have it processed within 24 hours. No proof of purchase or managers approval is required.

FOD Mitigation

We recognize the value of asset management and FOD (foreign object debris) mitigation for aviation technicians & aviation mechanics. With our Sonic Foam System, standard serialization, and inventory control system, technicians will be prepared to tackle any job safely and efficiently.

Work with Sonic and allow your aviation facility to be transformed into an organized and productive work environment.

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Changing the Aviation Industry

Changing the Aviation Industry

Sonic is changing the aviation industry through professional tool control and high-quality equipment.