California Aeronautical University

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Partnership between California Aeronautical University and Sonic Tools gives aviation mechanics of tomorrow the tools they need for success.

California Aeronautical University, located in Bakersfield, California, understands the importance of equipping their students with the tools they need to be successful far past graduation. That’s why they chose to work with Sonic Tools. “At CAU, we feel it’s important to equip our students with the knowledge and tools needed for successful careers in their chosen career fields,” said Matthew Johnston, President of CAU. “For our aircraft maintenance tech students, that means having the tools to perform the job as soon as they’re ready for gainful employment. Sonic Tools and their personalized toolbox and tools helps our students stand apart from other candidates.”


Providing students with the proper professional quality tools and organizational skills helps prepare them for the real-world work environment. When the tools are laser etched, organized, and easy to inventory, technicians are able to do their job more efficiently and reduce the risk of losing their tools. That’s why, upon graduation, CAU provides each student with a Sonic Tools 263-piece Intermediate Aviation toolset that comes serialized and organized in Sonic Foam . Every student will graduate with the tools they need to start off their career and will be a more attractive hire for companies. 

The experienced technicians who are instructing the students at CAU have also been thoroughly impressed with the quality of Sonic Tools. Skip DuRand, the AMT Director of CAU said, “Our experienced techs have been very impressed with the quality and have specifically found the Sonic Foam System to be outstanding. It makes the job so much easier with the organization and tool accountability it provides.”

In our experience, competing brands have been primarily concerned with making a sale. From our very first contact, Sonic Tools proved to be primarily dedicated to customer satisfaction. The team at Sonic goes above and beyond to provide an enjoyable experience. Everyone has been cordial, patient and has provided spectacular customer service.

Skip DuRand – AMT Director of CAU


The team at Sonic Tools is always striving to provide the best customer experience possible and make the tool buying process an easier and more streamlined process than the traditional tool purchasing methods. 

Investing in future technicians by equipping them with the tools they need to succeed throughout their career is imperative and one that CAU recognized. The partnership between CAU and Sonic Tools has been successful because of both parties’ dedication to students as they begin their aircraft maintenance career.