BMW of Murrieta

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BMW of Murrieta looks toward the future, turns to Sonic Tools to integrate tools and workstations

Sonic and BMW of Murrieta, part of the Hendrick Automotive Group, initially connected in the spring of 2016. Sonic was present every step of the way as BMW of Murrieta moved toward their new facility. Sonic completed the installation of brand-new workstations in October of 2018. Owner, Boris Said, built a customer-first store and gorgeous facility that both integrates tools and workstations. The service department is an important part of that customer commitment. Said’s dealership has enjoyed tremendous success.


When BMW of Murrieta approached Sonic, the company’s chief concern centered around the overall look of the facility and the standardization of the facility for each technician.

“When looking at building a dealership, my number one goal was to build the cleanest service department at an affordable price. I don’t like clutter. It will be one of the nicest dealerships in America”, said Boris Said, Owner, BMW of Murrieta. “We do community events in our service department. We work on cars, but our service department is clean enough to eat off of.”

What Sonic provided for BMW of Murrieta was the ability to standardize the entire facility where the place of business can transition to light work or heavy work without the need of a technician moving more and more toolboxes. Sonic provided a wide range of tools, for light to medium work. Sonic removed the need for tool trucks on location, thus eliminating thousands of wasted billable hours aboard a tool truck, instead of working efficiently inside the workplace.

We’re constantly trying to learn in this business and working with Sonic is the next evolution of creating efficient dealerships

Boris Said – Owner, BMW of Murrieta


There’s a shortage of technicians, so technician recruiting and retention are paramount. Keeping the good ones and hiring young, rising techs are essential. Sonic Tools is dedicated to big-picture solutions that create an environment for technician retention and increase opportunities for bottom-line growth. BMW of Murrieta has created one of the most excellent dealerships in America thanks to Sonic Tools and has set the standard high for new dealerships nationwide.