US Aviation Academy

Category: Customer Stories

US Aviation Academy came to Sonic Tools looking for the best aviation tools.

US Aviation Academy, located in Denton, Texas, is going through the process of setting up a Part 147 school and wanted to ensure they had the best tools for when they are fully up and running.

Scott Sykes, the Vice President of Business Development for US Aviation Academy, discussed why they decided to go with Sonic. “US Aviation Academy was looking for a tool set solution for our new Maintenance School (Part 147 certification in process). After interviewing a few of our current mechanics, I learned about Sonic Tools. They had nothing but praise for the quality of the tools and boxes, so they decided it warranted further investigation. In the end, what won out for Sonic was the ability to provide a Repair Station-like environment at an affordable rate. Sonic’s shadowed boxes with etched tools provided the tool control experience we sought while keeping tuition rates attainable.”

Schools need to understand the importance of setting their students up for success, not only during their time in school but for years after graduation.