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Toolbox/Cabinet Care Instructions

Protect Powder Coating

The lifespan of a powder coated object is negatively influenced by moist, dirt, acids, salt and other aggressive materials. Regular cleaning of the object is essential to expand the objects lifespan. The frequency of cleaning the powder coated object is determined by the degree of pollution.

Influencing factors are:

  • Location near the coast (salt)
  • Location directly above ground
  • Location directly at the side of the road (icing salt)
  • Urban area (emission of fumes)
  • Industrial environment (emission of chemicals, fumes and dust)
  • The amount of traffic (sulfur, nitrogen, brake lining particles, iron and copper particles from railroad traffic)
  • Indoor areas (no rain)
  • Contamination by animals (dogs, cats, birds)

When one or more of these factors are relevant, we speak of an increase of aggravating factors. In all other cases we speak of normal aggravating factors. The amount in which the coated surface can be affected by the above factors is depending on:

  • Type of substrate (chemical)
  • Type of surface treatment
  • Application
  • Severity and duration of the aggravating factors

It is important to establish the cleaning frequency by periodically inspections of the object. It helps to look at the nature of the pollution and establish the presence of the amount of aggravatinq factors to determine the cleaning frequency. Practice has shown that a well treated surface, if cleaned in a timely manner, retains its protective and aesthetic properties for a very long time. The following cleaning frequency’s can be seen as a good indication. Based on the factors mentioned earlier the cleaning frequency can be adjusted.

With the presence of normal aggravating factors the coating must be cleaned at least 2 times a year. In case of increased aggravating factors the coating must be cleaned at least 3 times a year. For projects in the direct surroundings of public roads immediate cleaning is required after each time deicing salt has been used.

The cleaning agents which should be used should be of neutral base and should have a PH level between 6 and 8. They also have to be non scratch. Cleaning the object with steel wool, sanding paper, dissolving agents or equal materials is profitated. Cleaning with the use of an high pressure system can cause irretrievable damage. For the cleaninq of light contaminated powder coated surface it is recommended to use the same materials which are used for cleaning glass. The above instructions must be followed. At all times, surfaces must be generously rinsed with water after cleaning for the cleaning of severe contaminated objects it is recommended to use cleaning agents which are developed especially to clean this kind of objects. Objects that are contaminated with or graffiti very hard to clean. It is not recommend to use strong dissolving agents as they will affect the varnish.

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