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MAG work light

SKU: 4820515


Price: $149

Midiform Work Lamp with Top Flashlight

SKU: 4820522

Description: The Sonic midiform work lamp has a magnetic swivel base and hook for hanging. It can be recharged with the included USB cable and it provides up to 150 lumen of light. Runtime is up to 3 hours providing lighting for a variety of projects.

Price: $149

3-in-1 Slim Light (mini) (Out of Stock)

SKU: 4820519

Description: The Sonic 3-in-1 mini LED slim light goes up to 200 lumens and has a runtime of up to 5 hours. This light is IP30 rated for dust and moisture and is rechargeable from the included USB cable.

Price: $117

Powerful LED Pen Flashlight (Out of Stock)

SKU: 4821105

Description: This Sonic pen light puts out 1,100 lumens and has battery runtime of up to 8 hours. Also, it is waterproof, so no worries when it comes to sweat or rain. Designed for convenience and optimal lighting.

Price: $51

I-View Headlamp

SKU: 4820518

Description: Why worry about holding a light? This I-view rechargeable head lamp is the answer. Choose between 80 and 160 lumen from the power switch and enjoy up to 6 hours of light on a single charge. The no-touch sensor allows you to toggle the light with just the wave of your hand. Recharge the head lamp with the included USB cable.

Price: $191

Rechargeable COB Work Light 10W 3.7V

SKU: 4820523

Description: This Sonic rechargeable 10W COB Work light dishes out up to 400 lumen and includes a 2200 mAh battery. The battery can be recharged with the included USB cable, and it has a strong magnet base along with steel hoop on the opposite end for hanging. Runtime is up to 2-1/2 hours with an IP54 rating.

Price: $149

Rechargeable COB Work Light 2W

SKU: 4820514

Description: The Sonic Rechargeable COB work light includes a 2W COB LED and delivers 180 lumens. A smaller torch light puts out up to 60 lumens and runtime is up to 10 hours. The COB work-light can be recharged via the included USB cable and includes a lifetime warranty.

Price: $90

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