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Metric Wrench Set, 48-PCS – LARGE SFS

SKU: 604801K

Description: This Sonic 48-piece wrench set includes standard needs and some specialties as well. Three half-moon wrenches deliver with a full 180-degrees from end to end, made for reaching hidden fasteners. A set of stubby combination wrenches gets you access in really tight spots for fasteners from 8mm-17mm. A set of double open-end wrenches provide a different size for each end to help increase efficiency. Additionally, a set of 45-degree offset and flat box-end wrenches from 6mm-23mm is included. Finally, the set of flare nut wrenches from 8mm-32mm complete this 48-piece set.

Price: $1,150

Metric Wrench Set, 69-PCS – LARGE SFS

SKU: 606901K

Description: With this 69-piece Sonic wrench set you'll get 10 different style wrenches that are perfect for every job. All of Sonic's wrenches are made from Chrome Vanadium steel that offers a lifetime of durability and resistance to weather and chemicals.

$1,640.00 - $1,780.00 $750.00 - $888.00


Metric Wrench Set, 53-PCS – LARGE SFS

SKU: 605301K

Description: Add to your tool assets with this awesome Sonic 53-piece wrench set. All Sonic wrenches are made from Chrome Vanadium steel that offer a lifetime of durability and resistance to weather and chemicals. Reversible ratcheting wrenches in sizes from 8mm-19mm include a reversing lever that keeps your wrench on the fastener, even when changing directions. Standard combination wrenches take care of fasteners from 6mm-32mm, while the 75-degree offset box-end wrenches offer a different size at each end. Finally, the hinged socket wrenches provide that ratchet and socket solution with only a wrench in hand.

$1,640.00 - $1,745.00 $900.00 - $1,006.00


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