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Utility Sets

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Screwdriver, Pliers, & Utility Set, 33-PCS – LARGE SFS

SKU: 603303

Description: This large 33-piece Sonic kit includes a wide variety of pliers, oil change tools, hammers and more. This set was designed with the quick service and oil lube technical in mind. Each tool fits in a specially marked location in Sonic's SFS CNC-machined foam inlay and has a lifetime warranty.

Price: $1,166

Pliers and Cutting Set, 26-PCS – LARGE SFS

SKU: 602605

Description: Extra long bent and straight nose pliers offer reach in areas other tools can't handle. Two snap-ring pliers provide straight-on options, while the pliers are available in diagonal cutters, universal pliers, needle-nose, and adjustable formats. Furthermore, a set of 10-inch wire-strippers and locking pliers are included as well. Also included is a long pry-bar and 26-piece feeler gauge. Stainless vernier calipers allow you to measure with accuracy and large straight shears cut sheetmetal like butter. Other items like a hacksaw, extending magnet, and a plastic wedge round-out this set.

Price: $1,060

Pliers & Cutting Set, 22-PCS – LARGE SFS

SKU: 602204

Description: Sonic screwdrivers include ergonomic tri-lobe plastic handles with a rubber overmold for comfort and grip. Chrome Vanadium shafts ensure durability for years of use, and a hardened magnetic tip offers maximum gripping power. From long to medium and even stubby, this Sonic 22-piece set has a huge array of screwdrivers. Also included is a 2mm electronics screwdriver, two pry-bars, and an LED pen light.

$785.00 $299.00


Hex T-Grip and Utility Set, 27-PCS – LARGE SFS (Out of Stock)

SKU: 602803

Description: Shop our large Sonic Foam Systems, with integrated tool control, lifetime warranty, and professional-grade Hex keys, nut drivers, and more.

Price: $700

Hammer & Chisel Set, 27-PCS – LARGE SFS (Out of Stock)

SKU: 602710

Description: Our hammer and chisel sets include quality materials to get the hard work done. The hammers include Italian made hickory handles with natural shock absorbing action. Chisels and punches include a chemical resistant foam-rubber handle and a synthetic cap-ring protects your hand from any misaligned strikes.

Price: $742

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