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VDE Screwdrivers

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Insulated Screwdriver Set

SKU: 601020

Description: This insulated plug-in screwdriver set includes a precision and normal screwdriver. Thanks to the spring locking system, the plug-in screwdrivers can be changed quickly. All parts are approved for use up to 1000V. This set contains 2x PH, 2x PZ and 4x flat screwdrivers.

Price: $130

VDE/Electrical Screwdriver


Description: The VDE/Electrical screwdriver includes an ergonomic grip designed to optimize comfort and torque. The powerful magnetic tip and chrome vanadium construction were created for harsh working environments and rust resistance. Equipped with VDE insulation and created for strength and durability.

Price: $30

VDE Screwdriver Set, 8-PCS – SMALL SFS

SKU: 600826K

Description: If you're working around high-voltage or sensitive electronics, then this 8-piece set of Sonic VDE screwdrivers is a must-have. These VDE insulated screwdrivers are tested to 10,000 volts and are guaranteed to 1,000-volts. The plastic insulated shanks keep your fingers and hand from shortening.

Price: $195

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