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Screwdriver & Socket Set 1/4″, 141-PCS – XD SFS

SKU: 114101

Description: Get all your drivers, 1/4" ratchets, 1/4" sockets and bits in this 141-piece tray. Sonic screwdrivers include ergonomic tri-lobe plastic handles with a rubber overmold for comfort and grip. Chrome Vanadium shafts ensure durability for years of use, and a hardened magnetic tip offers maximum gripping power. Also included are 4 styles of ratchets, deep and shallow sockets, and multiple styles of bits.

Price: $1,272

Metric Socket Set 1/2″, 149-PCS – XD SFS

SKU: 314901

Description: This is the ultimate 1/2" socket and ratchet set. This Sonic 149-piece kit includes a 60-300ft-lbs (80-400nm) 1/2" torque wrench. This gift keeps on giving with three 1/2" ratchets in quick release, flex-head, and swivel-head designs. Also included are two 1/2" breaker-bars. Multiple extensions, universal joints, and adapters extend the possibilities of this set. In addition to the plethora of shallow and deep-well sockets, this set also has a slew of specialty bits like Torx, spline, Hex, and E-Torx, just to name a few. Finally, 4 different wheel sockets include a synthetic sleeve for protecting expensive wheels.

Price: $2,438

Metric Socket Set 3/8″, 218-PCS – XD SFS

SKU: 221801

Description: If you have ever wondered what the perfect tool drawer would look like, you are looking at it. This Sonic 218-piece tool set carries a vast array of sockets, bits, ratchets, and accessories to cover a multitude of jobs.

$2,438.00 $1,706.00


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