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Hammer & Chisel Set, 27-PCS - LARGE SFS

SKU: 602710K

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$765.00 - $820.00


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Our hammer and chisel sets include quality materials to get the hard work done. The hammers include Italian made hickory handles with natural shock absorbing action. Chisels and punches include a chemical resistant foam-rubber handle and a synthetic cap-ring protects your hand from any misaligned strikes.


On the precision side of things, this 27-piece set includes a depth gauge, vernier calipers, and 26-piece feeler gauge. You even get an electronic brake fluid tester to ensure you maximize the braking system. Other items like a scraper, wire brush, extending mirror and magnet, and even a razor knife are included in this kit. (602710, 602710-CE)



  • Tool Sizes Engraved in Foam
  • Laser Cut and Chemical Resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty and 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange
  • Grip Chisel: 190mml, 18
  • Grip Chisel: 220mml, 24
  • Grip Pin Punch: 150mml, 3
  • Grip Pin Punch: 180mml, 4
  • Grip Pin Punch: 200mml, 5
  • Grip Pin Punch: 210mml, 6
  • Grip Pin Punch: 220mml, 8
  • Grip Center Punch: 185mml, 4
  • Machinist Hammer with Ash Handle: 512GR
  • Utility Knife (including 13 blades)
  • Spare Blades Dispenser 10-PCS
  • Brake Caliper File
  • Half Round File 8"
  • Round File 8"
  • Triangular File 8"
  • Vernier Caliper 
  • Feeler Gauge 20-PCS: 0.05-1.00mm
  • Measuring Tape: 5M
  • Brake Fluid Tester
  • Tire Profile Gauge: 50mm
  • Scraper
  • Steel Wire Brush
  • Magnet Pickup
  • Telescopic Mirror: 31-61cm
  • Universal Wedge: 190x30mm
  • Install Hammer Soft/Hard, with Ash Handle: 366GR
  • Pry-Bar with Plastic Cover: 500mml


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  • Weight: 11.43lbs


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Hammer & Chisel Set, 27-PCS - LARGE SFS
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