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Plastic Pipe Cutter

SKU: 47033

Description: Effortlessly cut plastic pipes with precision using our reliable Plastic Pipe Cutter. Versatile, durable, and perfect for plumbing and construction needs. Upgrade your cutting tool today!

Price: $140

Automatic wire stripper 0.5 – 4 MM

SKU: 4471180

Description: Effortless wire stripping with our Automatic Wire Stripper 0.5-4mm. Precision, ease, and versatility in one tool. Upgrade your wire handling today!

Price: $70

Utility Knife (incl. 13 blades)

SKU: 46807

Description: This Sonic utility knife includes a retractable blade system, allowing you to slide the blade into the body. No tools are required to switch out the typical double-ended razor blades. A small slide-switch on the side of the body allows your to quickly open the side cover for blade changes.

Price: $35

Shears Straight Left 7″

SKU: 46702

Description: Sonic left-cutting shears makes cutting sheet metal easy when turning left. The geometry of the handles and blades allow for easier cutting to the left. Comfortable grips reduce fatigue allowing you to work longer.

Price: $60

10pcs spare blades in holder for utility knife 46807

SKU: 46807-1

Description: Stay equipped with our 10-Piece Spare Blade Set and Holder for Utility Knife. Versatile, safe storage for various cutting needs. Always ready to tackle tasks!

Price: $10

Super Heavy duty hacksaw 21”

SKU: 46601

Description: Tackle tough cutting tasks with our 21" Super Heavy-Duty Hacksaw. Robust and efficient for industrial jobs requiring strength and precision. Get yours for reliable cutting!

Price: $80

Shears Straight Right 7″

SKU: 46703

Description: Sonic right-cutting shears makes cutting sheet metal easy when turning right. The geometry of the handles and blades allow for easier cutting to the left. Comfortable grips reduce fatigue and allow you to work longer.

Price: $60

Straight Shears 11”

SKU: 46701

Description: Cutting sheet metal, as well as thick plastics and leather is no problem when you have the Sonic 11-inch straight shears. These heavy duty shears are made from corrosion and rust resistant hardened steel and the handles include rubber overmolded rings for comfort when cutting.

Price: $60

Universal knife 6”

SKU: 46804

Description: A knife in your pocket can be one the handiest tools and you'll find more and more uses for it once you start carrying one. This Sonic universal knife has an aluminum body and accepts typical double-ended razor blades. The quick-change feature makes swapping in a new blade a breeze. Also, the knife comes with 5 replacement blades.

Price: $35

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