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Plastic Pipe Cutter

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Effortlessly cut plastic pipes with precision using our reliable Plastic Pipe Cutter. Versatile, durable, and perfect for plumbing and construction needs. Upgrade your cutting tool today!


Our Plastic Pipe Cutter is a reliable tool designed for precise and clean cuts on various types of plastic pipes. With a durable blade and ergonomic handles, it ensures effortless cutting, making it ideal for plumbing, irrigation, and general construction tasks.

Additional Information:

  • Versatile Cutting: Suitable for various types of plastic pipes
  • Clean and Precise Cuts: Ensures accurate and smooth cutting edges
  • Durable Construction: Long-lasting blade and ergonomic handles
  • Height: 30.35mm, length: 210.6mm, width: 207.2mm

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  • Weight: 2lbs


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Plastic Pipe Cutter
Plastic Pipe Cutter