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Dual-Direction Torque Wrench

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This Sonic Dual Direction Torque Wrench includes a feature not possible by most torque wrenches. If you ever have a left-hand threaded fastener that needs to be torqued, the typical torque wrench is not calibrated for this. Sonic took a very simple approach by allowing the anvil to push through the other side of the ratchet, hence enabling the torque wrench to be measure torque in either direction. Sonic torque wrenches includes scales for ft-lbs and Nm with a magnifying window to easily see your setting. The locking knob on the end ensure the handle isn't turned when in use.


Dual-Direction Torque Wrench

Our torque wrench uses a micrometer design. It features a spring inside the handle that creates tension to the central shaft or post. When enough torque causes that post to overcome the pivot point, it makes a satisfying double click as it strikes the inside of the wrench handle. The loudness of the click varies with torque, measuring at a very satisfying 87 dB(A) at the ear when breaking a nut at 100 ft-lbs. That’s plenty loud enough to hear—even in a noisy shop.


Quick Release System

Simply press the button to release the socket

Sonic Push Lock System

Pull out knob, select torque, and push back in to lock. Sonic Push Lock System is quick and accurate. Safe setting action: pull out the knob, turn it to the required reading and push it back into lock. With an industry leading accuracy of +/- 3%, you can tighten fasteners to the manufacturers recommended torque specifications with confidence.

Dual Direction Ratcheting

The directional switch makes it possible to use the torque wrench as a reversible ratchet. The two-way torque wrench is equipped with a push-through ratchet mechanism that measures torque in both directions.

Loud Click

When enough torque causes the post to overcome the pivot point, it makes a satisfying double click as it strikes the inside of the wrench handle.

Comfort grip

Sonic torque wrenches feature an ergonomic grip designed to optimize comfort and torque while housing a clearly visible scale in NM and FT.LB

Torque Wrench Tips

Remember that when using a click-style torque wrench you must turn down the wrench all the way before putting it away. This protects the spring mechanism over time. If you don’t, the spring will wear prematurely, drifting out of calibration much earlier than it otherwise would.


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  • Weight: 10lbs



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Dual-Direction Torque Wrench
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