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Special Tools

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1/4″ Speed Handle

SKU: 72611

Description: Elevate your workspace with our ergonomic 1/4" Speed Handle, crafted for precision and pace. This speed handle, designed for a 1/4" drive, offers a quick and comfortable grip.

Price: $55

Pry Removal Master Kit 27-PCS – MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 602712

Description: Made of high quality impact resistant nylon material, the pry trim removal kit does not damage or scratch the surface you are working on. It is extra slim and has a unique shape for delicate jobs. These jobs might include removing small rivet of fine trims, bezels of dashboards, door panels, door locks, electronic seat controls, gear shifter, inner lining, and more. This set is available in the Sonic Foam System or a nylon roll case.

Price: $185

Brake piston left spindle

SKU: 805010

Description: Achieve flawless brake maintenance with our Left Spindle Brake Piston. Precision-engineered, durable, and a must-have for brake repairs. Upgrade now!

Price: $40

Fuel Sender/Pump Clamping Ring Removal Tool – VAG

SKU: 829009

Description: Simplify VAG fuel system repairs with our specialized Clamping Ring Removal Tool. Precision-engineered for reliability. Upgrade your automotive toolkit now!

Price: $155

Straight Removal Tool 3X133mm

SKU: 47834

Description: Master precise extraction tasks with our 3X133mm Straight Removal Tool. Durable, efficient, and essential for any toolkit. Elevate your extraction game today!

Price: $20

Cotter pin driver for brake 175L 4mm

SKU: 4560201

Description: Ensure precise cotter pin insertion in brake systems with our 175mm Cotter Pin Driver (4mm diameter). Perfect for brake maintenance and repairs. Enhance your brake toolkit today!

Price: $20

Automatic wire stripper 0.5 – 4 MM

SKU: 4471180

Description: Effortless wire stripping with our Automatic Wire Stripper 0.5-4mm. Precision, ease, and versatility in one tool. Upgrade your wire handling today!

Price: $70

Flexible magnet pickup 500gr. 400mmL 16” (18 oz.)

SKU: 4820207

Description: Retrieve metallic objects effortlessly with our 16" (18 oz.) Flexible Magnet Pickup Tool. Strong, flexible, and indispensable in tight spaces. Upgrade your toolkit today!

Price: $40

Angle scraper 11”

SKU: 47820

Description: Efficiently tackle scraping tasks with our 11" Angle Scraper. Durable, precise, and essential for various surfaces. Upgrade your toolkit today!

Price: $25

Wedge universal 7.5×1.2 in. (190x30mm)

SKU: 4821301

Description: Reliable and versatile Universal Wedge - 7.5x1.2 inches (190x30mm). Perfect for door adjustments, furniture leveling, and more. Enhance your toolkit now!

Price: $20

Door Lock Dismantling Tool – Volkswagen

SKU: 829007

Description: Effortlessly maintain Volkswagen door locks with our specialized dismantling tool. Precision for professional door lock repairs. Upgrade your toolkit today!

Price: $60

Trim Pad Tool 5/16″ x 115 mmL 9.4”

SKU: 47907

Description: For universal use for door linings and attachment clips e.g. on the windscreen. Designed with our Tri-Lobe comfort grip for added torque and comfort. This tool includes a lifetime warranty.

Price: $25

Steel wire brush 9”

SKU: 4811254

Description: Conquer tough cleaning jobs with our 9" Steel Wire Brush. Heavy-duty, strong bristles for rust and paint removal. Ideal for industrial cleaning tasks!

Price: $20

Wedge utility set 5 pcs.

SKU: 600506

Description: Versatile and essential, our 5-Piece Utility Wedge Set is perfect for separating, aligning, or supporting tasks. Ideal for carpentry, construction, automotive, or DIY projects. Upgrade your toolkit for diverse applications!

Price: $80

Pry Removal Master Kit, 27-PCS

SKU: 821001

Description: Made of high quality impact-resistant nylon material, the pry trim removal kit does not damage or scratch the surface. It's extra slim and has a unique shape for delicate jobs such as removing small rivet of fine trims, bezels of dashboards, door panels, door locks, electronic seat controls, gear shifter, inner lining and more. Nylon carrying case included.

Price: $155

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