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Infrared Thermometer

SKU: 47031


Price: $90

Hinged Driver 1/4″ – 3/8″

SKU: 41202

Description: Sonic wrenches are a must-have for any mechanic. You'll find yourself reaching for these more and more. This hinged wrench includes 1/4" and 3/8" drives and features 180 degree rotatable heads. Sonic wrenches are made from tough and durable Chrome Vanadium steel for a lifetime of use and resistance to rust and corrosion. All Sonic Tools are backed by our lifetime warranty.

Price: $17

Flexible Flare Nut Wrench


Description: Our flexible flare nut wrenches feature a 6-point or 12-point end. The finish is polished Chrome Vanadium for strength and durability. Designed for durability in harsh conditions.

Price: $34

SAE Flare Nut Wrench


Description: Our SAE flare nut wrenches features a 6-point end. Our wrenches are made of Chrome Vanadium steel for strength and durability. Designed to be able to withstand harsh conditions.

Price: $34

Leather Toolbox Cover

SKU: 47000X

Description: Protect your Sonic Toolbox with this leather toolbox cover.

$297.00 $75.00 - $115.00


Twin Type Long Ball Point Hex Key & Tamper Star Key Set 19-PCS

SKU: 601908

Description: This 19-piece key set is the perfect all around tool in one compact package. This set includes both Hex and Tamperproof Torx keys and includes a removable T-Handle.

Price: $149

Plier and Punch Set, 25-PCS – Medium

SKU: 602503

Description: ONLY AVAILABLE IN INTERMEDIATE AVIATION KIT. This aviation plier and punch set covers all your basic plier, chisel, hammer, and punch needs. All tools are stored in their own marked spot in the CNC machined Sonic Foam System and are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Price: $1,060

Quick Release Ratchet – 60 Teeth

SKU: 712150X

Description: This set includes all 3 sizes of NEXT ratchets. The set includes 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2" drive ratchets, not in Sonic foam. The Sonic NEXT ratchet is the most powerful in its range. This ratchet has an ultimate ergonomic design which provides optimum contact and therefore a higher power transmission up to 757Nm. The 60 gears in the NEXT ratchet ensures more accuracy and efficiency. On top of this, the narrow head of the Sonic ratchet offers the possibility to reach even the most confined spaces.

Price: $68

Filled MSS 110″, 533-pcs Wooden top

SKU: 7533122

Description: Create the ultimate work space with the MSS modular storage systems. Keep your work space organized to maximize your work flow and productivity! This MSS setup comes with Sonic's 533-PCS tool kit.

Price: $16,748

Filled MSS 230″, 345pcs Stainless Steel Top

SKU: 734512

Description: Create the ultimate work space with the MSS modular storage systems.

Price: $11,130

Filled MSS 196″, 285-pcs Wooden Top

SKU: 728410

Description: Create the ultimate work space with the MSS modular storage systems.

Price: $8,268

Dual-Direction Torque Wrench


Description: This Sonic dual direction torque wrench includes a feature not possible by most torque wrenches. If you ever have a left-hand threaded fastener that needs to be torqued, the typical torque wrench is not calibrated for this. Sonic took a very simple approach by allowing the anvil to push through the other side of the ratchet, hence enabling the torque wrench to be measure torque in either direction. Sonic torque wrenches includes scales for ft-lbs and nm with a magnifying window to easily see your setting. The locking knob on the end ensure the handle isn't turned when in use.

Price: $234

Flat Double Ring Wrench


Description: The flat double ring wrench features a double ended 12-point socket end. The finish is a smooth, polished Chrome Vanadium for strength and rust resistance. Designed to provide durability in harsh working conditions.

Price: $29

Trash can dark grey (S9, S12)

SKU: 47520


Price: $40

3/8″ Socket rail with 10 clips

SKU: PR-L260310

Description: Our sockets are constructed from Chrome Vanadium or Chrome Molybdenum steel, and are corrosion and rust resistant. Available in a variety of sizes for all types of projects and needs. Designed to be dependable, durable, and efficient. Units of measurement come in metric and standard. The 6-point end allows for greater torque and prevents slippage. Provides fast and easy placement onto drive tools and fasteners. Large markings on socket allow for easy and quick identification. Created for hand use only.

Price: $23

Hexagon key wrench, extra long 4mm

SKU: 1840304


Price: $6

TX key T-handle 3 tip T55

SKU: 4840255


Price: $29

Brake piston left spindle

SKU: 805010


Price: $40

Fuel Sender/Pump Clamping Ring Removal Tool – VAG

SKU: 829009


Price: $149

Straight Removal Tool 3X133mm

SKU: 47834


Price: $17

Tower pincers 280mmL

SKU: 44601280


Price: $79

Cotter pin driver for brake 175L 4mm

SKU: 4560201


Price: $17

Automatic wire stripper 0.5 – 4 MM (Out of Stock)

SKU: 4471180


Price: $68

Separating and mounting fork 16“

SKU: 818028


Price: $40

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