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Replacement Lock and Key

SKU: 47624-0007

Description: Sonic offers replacement lock and key for previous generation toolbox! (These do not fit our NEXT generation boxes. For NEXT keys, please contact us directly!)

Price: $30

Spinner 1/4-Inch 150mmL

SKU: 72401-obsolete

Description: Elevate your precision with our compact 1/4" 150mmL Spinner. Perfect for intricate automotive and mechanical tasks. Enhance your toolkit today!

$25.00 $15.00


Infrared Thermometer

SKU: 47031

Description: Get precise temperature readings with our Contactless Infrared Thermometer. Versatile and accurate for various applications. Monitor temperatures hassle-free!

Price: $95

Separating and mounting fork 16“

SKU: 818028

Description: Efficiently disassemble and mount components with our 16'' Separating and Mounting Fork. Versatile and durable for automotive and mechanical applications. Upgrade your toolkit today!

Price: $40

Swivel handle 3/8″ 250mmL

SKU: 7232250

Description: Experience enhanced access and maneuverability with our 3/8" 250mmL Swivel Handle. Perfect for automotive repairs and tight spaces. Get yours for versatile performance!

Price: $60

1/4″ 6pt. Cardan socket 9/16″

SKU: 7151714

Description: Unlock versatile access with our 1/4" 6-Point Cardan Socket (9/16"). Flexible joint design for efficient fastening in tight spaces. Perfect for versatile applications!

Price: $35

Swivel handle 1/2″ 250mmL

SKU: 7233250

Description: Experience superior maneuverability with the Swivel Handle 1/2" 250mmL. Navigate tight spaces effortlessly, ensuring convenience and precision in your work. Discover enhanced handling today!

Price: $90

1/2″ Torque Impact Socket 22mm

SKU: 3310322

Description: Achieve precision in torque applications with the 1/2" Torque Impact Socket 22mm. Robust, reliable, and perfect for demanding tasks. Get accurate results effortlessly!

Price: $55

Ball ended hexagon key wrench, extra long 7/32″ (SAE)

SKU: 1850607

Description: Precision meets extended reach with our Extra Long 7/32" (SAE) Ball Ended Hexagon Key Wrench. Versatile and accurate for intricate tasks. Upgrade your toolkit today!

Price: $10

Flush Cut Pliers

SKU: 2203-128

Description: Sonic flush cut pliers precisely cut wire flush with the surface. The cutting edge has a hardness of 54-56 HRC with 21-degree cutting edges. Ergonomic handles make them easy to hold and the opening spring helps to keep them firm in your hand. Sonic flush cut pliers are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Price: $55

Brake piston rewinding cube

SKU: 812006

Description: Streamline brake maintenance tasks with our Brake Piston Rewinding Cube. Versatile, durable, and precision-designed for easy piston resetting. Upgrade your brake service toolkit today!

Price: $40

Crimping Plier Set with Exchangeable Heads 11-pcs.

SKU: 813002

Description: Ratchet mechanism crimper stands for superior labour saving. This allows you to have a quick insertion when changing the jaw without using any tool. They have an ergonomic comfort-grip handle.

Price: $330

Hexagon key wrench, extra long 2.5mm

SKU: 18403025

Description: Get precision and extended reach with our Extra Long 2.5mm Hexagon Key Wrench. Versatile and accurate for confined spaces. Upgrade your toolkit today!

Price: $10

1/2“ Socket rail with 10 clips

SKU: PR-L300410

Description: Effortlessly organize your 1/2" sockets with this durable socket rail featuring 10 clips. Keep your tools accessible and neatly arranged for efficient work.

Price: $30

3/8dr. Crowfoot 13/16

SKU: 4080221

Description: Enhance your toolkit with the 3/8" Drive Crowfoot Wrench - 13/16". Ideal for accessing tight or obstructed fasteners. Upgrade your toolkit's versatility today!

Price: $40

Adaptors for drills, 1/4“DR, 3 pcs.

SKU: 100301

Description: Enhance your drill's versatility with our 3-Piece 1/4" Drive Drill Adaptors. Perfect for seamless bit transitions. Upgrade your drill's capabilities now!

Price: $25

Mini hacksaw 11”

SKU: 46602

Description: Achieve precise and detailed cuts in tight spots with this 11" Mini Hacksaw. Versatile and maneuverable, it's your go-to tool for intricate cutting tasks.

Price: $35

MSS 26″/34″ 9 drawers and cabinet with door stainless steel

SKU: 4731810K

Description: Organize your tools effectively with the MSS 26"/34" setup, featuring 9 drawers and a cabinet door. Crafted from stainless steel, it's a durable solution for versatile tool storage.

Price: $3,710

Repair set ratchet 7120701

SKU: 7120701P

Description: Elevate your repairs with our comprehensive Repair Set Ratchet. Versatile, durable, and precise. The ultimate toolkit for various repair projects!

Price: $20

Stainless steel straight rule 30cm 12”

SKU: 47004

Description: Precision meets durability with our 30cm (12'') Stainless Steel Straight Rule. Perfect for engineering, drafting, and accurate measurements. Upgrade your toolkit today!

Price: $20

Swivel handle 3/8″ 200mmL

SKU: 7232200

Description: Enhance maneuverability with our 3/8" 200mmL Swivel Handle. Perfect for automotive repairs and precise tasks. Upgrade your toolkit's flexibility now!

Price: $60

T-handle ball ended Key wrench TX, extra long T45

SKU: 1861345

Description: Precision and extended reach meet in our Extra Long T45 T-Handle Ball-Ended Key Wrench (TX). Versatile and accurate for Torx fasteners. Upgrade your toolkit today!

Price: $20

Wheel Nut Lock Set – VAG 23pcs

SKU: 829004

Description: Ensure wheel security for your VAG vehicle with our 23PCS Wheel Nut Lock Set. Tailored for Volkswagen Audi Group models. Protect your wheels with confidence!

Price: $350

1/4“+3/8“ Socket rail with 5+4 clips

SKU: PR-L2002534

Description: Organize your 1/4" and 3/8" sockets efficiently with this rail featuring a smart combination of 5 and 4 clips. Keep your sockets secure and accessible for all your projects.

Price: $25

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