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Basic MSS Setups

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Filled MSS 196″, 285-pcs Wooden Top

SKU: 728410

Description: Create the ultimate work space with the MSS modular storage systems.

Price: $8,268

MSS 86″ Setup, 20 Drawers with Portable Cabinet

SKU: 4731815k

Description: Shop our modular storage systems to maximize workflow, featuring a 26" storage cabinet, 26" 9 drawer cabinet, 26" 7 drawer portable cabinet, and stainless steel worktop.

Price: $4,982

MSS 86″ Setup, 13 Drawers with Storage

SKU: 4731805K

Description: This MSS system creates the ultimate work space by keeping your work area clean and organized. It is equipped with 13 drawers, a cabinet and a closet for maximum tool and material storage. It has a stainless-steel top blade and is compatible with Sonic Foam Systems (SFS).

Price: $4,240

MSS 53″ Setup, 9 Drawers with Storage

SKU: 4731606K

Description: This self-supporting MSS system creates the best work space by keeping everything organized and efficient. It is equipped with 9 drawers, 1 double door closet, and stainless steel worktop for ultimate storage needs. It includes front centralized locks on drawers and closets to keep all your tools and materials safe and secure. It features a stainless steel top blade for added work space and is compatible with Medium and Small Sonic Foam Systems (SFS).

Price: $3,180

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