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MSS+ Cabinets

Ideal for heavy duty work environments.

Premium Modular Storage

The driving force behind MSS+ is our desire to refine how workplaces are created and experienced. Our vision has always been to enable professionals in technical services to improve their productive output. With MSS+, our ambition has become a reality. To create premium workplaces and deliver the ultimate workflow. Sonic MSS+ cabinets enable professionals in technical services to improve their productive output and create an environment where professionals can do their best work.

Request a Custom Build

Don’t see what you need in our preconfigured setups? Please fill out our contact form below, and our team will reach out about custom configurations.

Garage Cabinet Feature

Check out this awesome MSS+ setup.

Details Matter

Our experts teamed up with technical engineers and designers to extensively research different workspaces worldwide. After seeing various setups and listening to testimonies from technical service professionals, we were able to configure our modular cabinets as robust and stylish modular cabinets and create the ultimate workflow regardless of the environment.

  • Modular Solution – Each unit is self-supporting and does not require a wall attachment
  • Drawer Load Capacity – 270 lbs on ordinary drawers, 520lbs on high drawers
  • Depth of Cabinets – 650mm
  • Coating – Premium electrostatic powder coating
  • Locking – 4-digit dial lock with a master key for each cabinet