Gas Tachs Garage

Category: Customer Stories

Warrick Bell and Gas Tachs were first introduced to Sonic through an Obsessed Garage video. He said “When I saw the organization system, I knew Sonic was the set for me. Being able to find a tool when working on a project is a MUST!”

Bell purchased an array of MSS cabinets with tools for his personal garage. When speaking to how Sonic has changed the way he works, Bell said, “Working in my garage is my hobby and I like to keep my hobbies fun. I decided to buy 22 drawers of tools because looking for a tool or going out to buy when you’re in the middle of a project isn’t fun.” Bell has also gained an appreciation for the quality of Sonic. Bell added, “I’ve put my tools to the test over the last year and overall, I can say these are great!”

Bell has especially enjoyed Sonic’s warranty process. “I’ve purchased other tools and never bothered with their warranty because most of the time it’s a pain to deal with,” he said.

“With Sonic I’ve only had three tools break over the year and after filling out a quick and simple online form, a new product shows up quickly no questions asked. I recommend Sonic to everyone because the organization system has been great.”

Warrick Bell


Sonic’s cabinets, toolboxes and tools make the perfect addition to any garage. Whether you need to outfit an entire facility or just working on your home garage, we have a solution for you that will help complete your tasks more efficiently.