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Sonic Tools has proven to many that our service, quality, and organization sets us apart

Ed Bolian, the Founder of VINwiki – an automotive service and phone application that allows car enthusiasts to add significant details about their vehicles to the platform and it’s all tied to the automobile’s VIN number, learned about Sonic Tools through our partner, Obsessed Garage.


Bolian said, “I chose Sonic because it was endorsed by Matt Moreman from Obsessed Garage. I know that he has tested all of the major options and he spoke highly of the quality, the customer service, and the modular flexibility to fit the spaces we were working with. All of this proved to be correct.”

Bolian also added that the organization has played a huge part in how he works. “The organization available because of the capacity and usability of the cabinets has transformed the garage. With the cabinet system, everything has a place and those places are easy to access. The aesthetic works well in the space and there have been zero quality issues. The tool availability allowed me to get just the tools I would need and left space to expand as needs dictate.”

When speaking to the quality of Sonic Tools, Bolian said, “The tools are well made, ergonomic, and we have not had any failures or breakages. The associated drawer arrangement cutouts and packaging work well and make them easy to keep track of.”

Sonic Tools has proven to Bolian and many others that our service, quality, and organization have set us apart from other companies. He stated, “The availability, flexibility, quality, and customer service have all been top notch. There are no areas to complain or items in which another brand has performed better in our use. From specking out the options, ordering, delivery, install, and usage the process has been seamless and without hiccup. We missed a measurement and required a partial return and the customer service representatives went to great lengths to achieve exactly what we needed on a virtually impossible timeframe. The entire experience was perfect.”

The tool availability allowed me to get just the tools I would need and left space to expand as needs dictate.

Ed Bolian – Founder, VINwiki


Bolian is one of many who has seen the positive impacts of working with Sonic Tools. It’s important to invest in tools and storage solutions that will transform the way you work, and that’s exactly what Bolian did.