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Sonic Tools and Southside Autowerks worked together to create the ultimate workspace

Grant Batten, owner of Southside Autowerks in Newnan, Georgia, first discovered Sonic and our Modular Storage Solutions when traveling in the UK. When it was time for him to pick a company to outfit his business, he didn’t think twice about choosing Sonic. Batten said, “I chose Sonic because of their foam organizational system and their modular tool cabinet system. It was the fact that I was able to customize it exactly how I wanted it to be. I have always been very particular about the type of set up I have, so being able to design exactly what I wanted was perfect for me. I have been able to maximize the use of my space and make sure that my set up fits my every need.”


Implementing integrated tool storage solutions and organized tools completely transforms the way a business works. Batten said, “Sonic has allowed me to have a drastic increase in efficiency. Through all of the customization, I have been able to make sure there is a place for everything, which makes it easy for me to know exactly where to find the part I need. When I’m done with a tool, I know where it goes and the cycle continues. Knowing each day that I don’t have to dig through drawers to find one part I need saves me so much time and energy.”

When looking for the perfect tool storage solutions for your business, it’s important to not waste any money or space in the shop. Sonic ensures we utilize the space given in the best way possible. Batten stated, “I was able to work with one of their representatives to design the perfect solution for my shop. It fits all of my needs. They helped me come up with a better use of my space and helped design my workstation, so I have absolutely no wasted space. I have everything I need and nothing I do not. Purchasing tools was streamlined and very easy to do.”

When I need something, whether it’s a tool, a product, a warranty, or just have a question, they are always there for me.

Grant Batten – Owner, Southside Autowerks


The biggest difference Batten has experienced when working with Sonic over other companies? The service. He said, “When I need something, whether it’s a tool, a product, a warranty, or just have a question, they are always there for me. I never have to wait for the next week for them to come back around. I can contact them, and it is immediately taken care of. I really appreciate the reliability and it reassures me that I chose right when I chose Sonic.”