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Mr. Ormsby chooses Sonic MSS+ cabinets for his garage

Sonic and Mr. Ormsby, a local car enthusiast, connected in 2021. After working with the Sonic team to create the ultimate storage solution, Mr. Ormsby purchased an array of MSS+ cabinets for his personal garage. When he is not flying, Mr. Ormsby can be found working on his pristine International Harvester Scout.


When speaking on the difference of Sonic Tools, Mr. Orsmby, said “I grew up with retail brand tools and used them extensively building, maintaining, and campaigning race cars across the country. The advantage they had at the time, over the more expensive “tool truck” brands, was the ease of warranty at nationwide stores as opposed to hunting down a ghost tool truck. Sonic is the best of both, world class products and unrivaled warranty in the industry.”

If you demand excellence from yourself, your work, and your tools, demand Sonic

Mr. Ormsby


“I was considering multiple storage solution companies and only intended on making this purchase once, so I spent the time to make sure I did it right.” When it came to choosing storage for his garage, Mr. Ormsby was looking for quality, design options, and how he could most efficiently use his space. “Sonic was the only manufacturer with this standard of quality that could seamlessly integrate toolboxes, cabinets and lockers in my space.”

“I needed plenty of storage for tools and small parts. Sonic’s MSS+ cabinets and toolboxes are a perfect solution to seamlessly integrate both in a quality package that looks amazing and keeps everything organized. A messy workspace can be a safety hazard and certainly less efficient than a clean one. Albert Einstein once said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” – I’d argue it’s a sign of a technician with a Sonic toolbox and foam system.”

“These cabinets are a showpiece in my shop, but more importantly it has helped create a clean environment that will promote efficiency of mind and work.”