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1/2" Drive

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1/2″ Extension

SKU: 7143XXX

Description: Sonic Tools extensions are made from tough Chrome Vanadium steel for strength and for fighting off corrosive materials like rust. A hex head on the top of the extension provides a place for a wrench, when needed, and knurling on the shaft provides additional grip for your fingers. Sonic extensions include the lifetime warranty.

Price: $20

1/2″ DR Torsion extension up to 90Nm

SKU: 71431090

Description: Achieve controlled torque with our 1/2" Drive Torsion Extension (Up to 90Nm). Perfect for precise fastening in automotive and assembly work. Upgrade your toolkit now!

Price: $55

Torsion extention set 1/2″, 4 pcs.

SKU: 300401

Description: Upgrade your toolkit with our 1/2" Torsion Extension Set and experience the perfect balance of torque and precision in your projects.

Price: $155

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