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Our goal is to design and manufacture equipment that meets and exceeds all standards. For nearly 50 years, we've accomplished that goal. Faster pace of work, increased efficiency, the best value - that's what we're all about. Create an account today and experience the difference Sonic can make in your workplace.

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"When you look at the quality, when you look at the service, then you see the price point - there's no reason to buy anything else."

Doug Fehan, Program Manager - Corvette Racing


Why Sonic

Sonic is a highly experienced specialist in the development and production of professional hand tools and toolboxes. With immense knowledge and expertise, Sonic has a growing reputation for its quality automotive repair tools and related products. Our global headquarters is located in the Netherlands. We are proud to offer lifetime warranties on all our hand tools, toolboxes and wall storage systems. Our equipment meets and exceeds all acceptable standards across the world.

Sonic is very proud of its R&D team, which consists of talented experts with abundant know-how for making auto-repairing jobs easier and more efficient. Sonic is specialized in our unique filled tool storage systems, a wide range of toolboxes and top boxes are included. Sonic offers efficiency through the unique designed tool storage systems

Sonic has aimed to achieve the best quality, functions and performance for its products to best serve our global customers. Sonic products are found in the world’s most progressive automotive enterprises, service centers, race shops, aftermarket businesses and personal garages.

Work Efficiently

Sonic Tools is committed to increasing the efficiency of every technician. The Sonic Foam System organizes quality tools in a way that awards every technician the opportunity to excel. Housing your tools in labeled, laser cut, chemical resistant foam increases the efficiency of tool inventory by 78%. Our tool shadowing decreases overall tool retrieval and return time by 20%.

Work with Sonic

The SFS is backed by a lifetime warranty that is accessible 24hrs a day with our online tool exchange. This means that our customer service will follow you wherever you go. If a problem arises, just log in and upload a photo of the issue. Within 24hrs your claim is processed and your new tool is on it's way.

Sonic is dedicated to providing the ultimate foundation for technicians to build their careers upon. Beyond proficiency and skill, a prospective employer highly values an organized set of tools. Set yourself apart from the competition by becoming the most efficient and ready-to-work technician available.

Sonic Team at SEMA with Sonic Cabinets and Toolboxes

Company Milestones


Sonic Equipment, in its current form, was founded in 2004. The roots of Sonic travel back nearly 50 years. From two fathers who passed hand tool and overall equipment knowledge to their sons, we have been perfecting our craft for decades. Since its inception, Sonic now extends across the global market, represented in 62 countries.


Sonic introduced the Sonic Foam System (SFS) to the world in 2011. The mission: create the most organized and efficient way to store hand tools. The result was revolutionary storage systems that bring unmatched speed and value to the workplace. The SFS is now utilized by automotive manufacturers, the aviation industry, progressive aftermarket shops and more across the globe.


The partnership with Volkswagen Automotive Group (VAG) began in 2014. After years of testing and relationship building, VAG and SONIC formed a historic partnership. Sonic provides hand tools and toolboxes to new Volkswagen technicians throughout the world, including being the toolbox kit for new Volkswagen Germany technicians and the preferred tool company of Volkswagen North America. SONIC hand tools and toolboxes are also featured in Volkswagen and Audi training centers across the country.


Sonic Tools was launched in North America in early 2015, quickly partnering with the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA). Since, Sonic has enjoyed tremendous success and developed technical partnerships with the best race teams in the world. In North America, Sonic has forged partnerships with BMW, Volkswagen, Corvette Racing and General Motors, Troy Lee Designs and KTM USA, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, and more. Sonic’s versatile product line is demonstrated across a broad spectrum of industries and will continue to grow in demand.


  • Aviation Institute of Maintenance
  • Boston Dynamics Partners with Sonic
  • BMW North America
  • Longo Toyota
  • CJ Wilson Racing
  • Cobb Tuning
  • policaro-motorsports.png
  • Corvette Racing
  • purple-logo-1.jpg
  • rivian-automotive-logo.png
  • piedmont-airlines-1980s.png
  • Troy Lee Designs
  • Mercedez-Benz Global Training
  • Volkswagen
  • psa-airlines-logo.png
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