Recruiting and Retention

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Over the last several years it has become increasingly difficult to recruit and retain technicians across all industries. Time and time again, we hear the top concerns of starting technicians. Four of the top concerns expressed by these individuals have been related to job location, a clear path for career advancement, starting pay, and tool debt.

Sonic’s goal is to improve the efficiency of technicians while partnering with dealerships and automotive groups to combat the struggles of recruiting and retention. A standard practice has been to recruit technicians from neighboring dealerships for higher pay. But what managers find is the people who will leave other dealerships to come work for them are the same people who will leave their dealership to go work for someone else. Compensation isn’t the only answer. As a shop owner, what are you doing to entice technicians to come work for you and stay? How are you preventing your technicians from leaving within the first 6-12 months of being hired for slightly higher pay at a dealership across the street?


As mentioned above, starting pay and tool debt are two of the top concerns for technicians. Technicians with trade school debt search for jobs with one thing on their mind, “who will pay me the most so I can get out of debt?” Sonic has partnered with dealerships and automotive groups to offer solutions. Solutions vary from shop to shop, but overall create the same outcome, technician loyalty.

We have worked with shops that finance Sonic toolsets for new technicians and shops that pay 100% of the cost with a contract in place that allows the techs to earn ownership after a predetermined time. For technicians to perform their daily tasks, it is imperative that they have the right tools and equipment at hand. Afterall, time equals money for the technician and as a shop owner. Giving technicians the option of ownership in their own set of tools will feel like an investment opportunity in their future, while creating loyalty to your dealership or automotive group.

We provide the best possible experience for every customer. Whether you need one toolbox or to outfit an entire facility with an array of cabinets, allow Sonic to be your source for all your tools, storage, and organizational solutions.