What Brand Offers the Best Tool Warranty?

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Sonic Tools Offers Best Warranty in the professional tool Industry.

Sonic offers a lifetime warranty on all tools and storage. The warranty process is made simple by being able to do it all from your phone. Take a picture of the broken tool, submit a claim through the warranty portal, and a new tool will be shipped out to you within 24 hours.

With every toolset, Sonic includes an inventory control book containing itemized lists and locations of each tool in each drawer. These inventory control books not only help you keep track of all of your tools, but they also have a QR code badge on the inside cover that makes for a seamless warranty process. Simply pull out your phone, hover your camera over the QR code, click on the link that pops up and you’ll be directed to fill out the warranty claim form. This process takes about two or three minutes to complete, so you can get back to work with the ease of mind knowing that a new tool is on its’ way.

Sonic created the 24-hour online tool exchange to make the warranty process hassle-free and help technicians get back to work quicker because time = money. Sonic ships directly to the consumer without waiting around for the tool truck to come by.

Sonic Tools supplies professional tools and storage direct to customers at an affordable price with organization methods unrivaled in the industry. They promise to deliver the tools, toolsets, workbenches, and organization you need while saving time and money by eliminating unnecessary tool replacements and avoiding costly tool trucks.