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When our customers are asked to describe what they love about Sonic, the conversation, without a doubt, leads to the organization of our products. As the market expands and grows, competitors have attempted to imitate our system, but none have perfected it like Sonic.

What makes our organization stand apart from competitors? We have three components of our inventory control system:

  • Sonic Foam System

Designed to fit in either our toolboxes or cabinets and maximize storage space, the SFS is chemical resistant, with all tool locations marked and identified clearly with a two-tone system for easy reference of any missing tools. The Sonic Foam System has been tested in an independent time study proving its’ efficiency. The time study showed that when using our foam tool sets, a technician can take inventory of their toolbox 78% faster, reduce misplaced tools by 80%, and retrieve and return tools 20% faster.

  • Laser Etching

Adding laser etching to your toolset provides accountability measures and adds an additional layer of efficiency for the retrieval and return of tools. Laser etching is offered as part of our price in certain kits, or as an available upgrade with a serial # or custom identifier.

  • Inventory Control Binder

Know where all your tools are at the end of the day and do it faster. Our inventory control binder is built to be the control log of the toolbox. Included with every complete toolbox and toolset, this logbook marks the location of every tool and gives you the Sonic part # associated.


Efficiency is one of the main pillars that make our brand stand apart from competitors. Are you ready to work efficiently? Are you ready to work with Sonic?

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