Time to Ditch the Tool Truck

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Tool truck brands have been around for a long time and anyone in the industry understands the impact that these companies have had. Every few weeks or so a truck stops by your shop and people fall victim to the several thousand-dollar eye candy placed in front of them. At first the entire process appears to be convenient, and the dealer seems kind and approachable. Later, things often take a turn and technicians end up frustrated and regretful. 

With anything there are positives and negatives, and the biggest upside for tool truck companies is the ease of the truck pulling up to your shop, allowing technicians the instant gratification of buying the tool immediately. Being able to touch, see, and feel the product prior to the purchase is convenient and has proven to be an effective method that has worked for quite some time. However, as the industry has evolved, people have become more willing to shop for professional tools online. We are no longer in the era when the tool truck model seemed like the best option for technicians. Everything is at our fingertips and with just one click of a button you can have what you want in a matter of days. Why wait 3-4 weeks for a tool truck that may or may not have what you need?

Reliability and lack of customer service is another flaw in the franchise tool truck model. Horror stories fill the internet talking about the incompetency’s of these companies. From dealers not granting your tool warranty to franchisee’s going out of business and losing your opportunity to get tools, things can take a downturn quickly. The customer experience is solely dependent on your dealer and oftentimes dealers have a hard time with organization, communication, and customer service, and if you decide to call the main office the customer experience doesn’t get any better. From being bounced around from one representative to another or being on hold for several hours, it is clear that customer service is not the top priority for these companies.

Getting your professional tools from a single source can actually be more conducive for technicians rather than the traditional truck model. Instead of waiting several weeks for a truck to stop by, you can just give us a call or visit our website and order products immediately. Although you aren’t getting the physical bi-weekly visit, you can have someone on the phone in a matter of seconds rather than playing phone tag with your dealer or just waiting for the truck to arrive.

Other than the portrayed “convenience” of a tool truck arriving a few times a month, there is no obvious reason to choose to buy from a tool truck company. Sonic’s tools have been tested and proven to be of the same, if not higher quality than that of a tool truck. Additionally, you will receive a far superior customer experience when working with Sonic compared to other companies. For example, in comparison to other companies, our warranty system is much easier to navigate. Instead of waiting for the truck, you just take a picture of your broken tool and send in a claim. We process that claim and have a new tool on the way to you within 24 hours – something the tool truck brands can’t replicate. The traditional tool truck model has become outdated because of the lack of reliability, lack of customer experience, and alternative options that provide more value.

With Sonic, your customer experience will be top-notch, your hand tools will be more organized creating higher productivity, and your tools will be warrantied for life. No more waiting on a tool truck that might not even have what you need. Sonic Tools is the single source for all of your tool and storage needs. From our MSS+ cabinet line to our Sonic Foam sets, we have everything to enhance the workflow for professional technicians. Ditch the tool truck and change the way you work with Sonic Tools.