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A Solution Engineered for Efficient Fixed Ops

Sonic Tools, a leading provider of high-quality tools and equipment for automotive professionals, is excited to launch its 3rd Generation Automotive Quick Service Toolset, 182-PCS, and NEXT S4 Service Cart. Engineered to streamline maintenance and servicing tasks, these cutting-edge products embody Sonic’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the automotive industry’s service departments.

Unlock the full potential of your service operations with Sonic Tools’ 3rd Generation Automotive Quick Service Toolset, 182-PCS, and the NEXT S4 Service Cart. Engineered for peak efficiency, these solutions are tailored to supercharge the workflow in automotive service departments.

Automotive Toolset – Quick Service, 182-PCS

SKU: 1820

Description: The 182-piece quick service set is specially designed for the quick service and quick lube technician. This toolset consists of 3 medium foam inlays, covering essential quick service needs. This next generation quick service set has been perfected by Sonic and technicians!

Price: $2,150

NEXT S4 Service Cart with Lid

SKU: 4738413

Description: Sonic's NEXT S4 Service Cart is tailored for quick service bays and the quick service technician in mind. This cart is specifically built for our specialized Quick Service Toolset, ideal for high-turnaround tasks, enhancing both space utilization and tool organization with compatibility with our renowned Sonic Foam System.

Price: $950

Improving Fixed Operations in the Automotive Industry

The Automotive Quick Service Toolset, 182-PCS, is a comprehensive collection of essential tools specifically engineered for quick service operations in automotive workshops and garages. From oil changes to brake inspections, this toolset equips technicians with everything they need to efficiently complete routine quick service tasks with precision and ease. Featuring durable construction and ergonomic designs, each tool in the Quick Service Toolset is engineered for optimal performance and long-lasting reliability. This toolset is proven to increase your bottom line by allowing your technicians to work effectively.

The Sonic Foam System (SFS) ensures that the right tool for the job is easily retrieved and just as easily replaced. Sonic foam is durable, highly chemical-resistant, and precisely machined and shadowed for each tool’s location within a drawer. All tool locations feature a numerical identifier, making it easy to find and return each tool to its proper place and identify any missing tools.  

An independent time-efficiency study of the Sonic Foam System versus a standard toolbox and accepted industry practices resulted in 78% faster toolbox inventory, an 80% reduction of misplaced tools, & 20% faster tool retrieval and return. This efficiency in tool management not only helps in maintaining positive asset management but also contributes significantly to reducing downtime in automotive workshops. 

By the numbers:

  • 78 % Faster Inventory of Toolbox

  • 80 % Reduced Misplaced Tools

  • 20 % Faster Retrieval and Return

NEXT S4 Service Cart

Complementing the Quick Service Toolset is the NEXT S4 Service Cart, a versatile and mobile storage solution designed to enhance productivity and organization in automotive workspaces. The NEXT S4 Service Cart offers ample storage space for tools, parts, and accessories, allowing technicians to keep their work area tidy and maximize efficiency. With its robust construction, smooth-gliding drawers, and features such as a lockable top lid and the anti-tilt safety feature, the NEXT S4 Service Cart is a must-have for quick-service automotive professionals. 

“We are thrilled to introduce our new Automotive Quick Service Toolset and NEXT S4 Service Cart to the automotive industry,” said Andrew Coccari, VP of Sales and Marketing at Sonic. “These innovative products are the result of our ongoing commitment to providing technicians with the tools they need to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Whether performing routine maintenance or tackling complex repairs, our goal is to empower automotive professionals with the best-in-class equipment.” 

The Quick Service Toolset and S4 Service Cart will significantly impact the automotive industry by reducing downtime, increasing efficiency, and improving fixed operations at an affordable price. These tools and storage solutions streamline maintenance and servicing tasks, ensuring technicians can work quickly and precisely. By supplying technicians with these tools and service cart, Sonic is helping automotive professionals maximize their productivity and service quality, driving better business outcomes.

Quick Service Toolset Features: 

  • Precision-engineered tools for quick service jobs 
  • Laser Cut Shadowed Foam (Sonic Foam System) 
  • Torque Wrench – NEW addition to 3rd Generation Quick Service Toolset 
  • Comprehensive assortment of tools, including: 
    • 1/4″ and 3/8″ ratchets and sockets 
    • Screwdrivers 
    • Combination Wrenches 
    • Hex Key Sets 
    • ½” Ratchet and Impact Sockets 
    • Tire Pressure Gauge 
    • Pliers
    • Utility Tools

NEXT S4 Service Cart Features:

  • Anti-Tilt
  • Built-In Handle 
  • Ball Bearing Drawer Slides 
  • Locking Casters 
  • Heavy-Duty Powder Coating 
  • Document/iPad Holder 
  • Centralized Keyed Locks (Top & Drawers) 
  • Additional Storage space at bottom of cart
  • Compatible with:
    • Can Holder 
    • Trash Can 
    • Paper Holder 

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