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Sonic Foam System

With its ability to fit in either our toolboxes or cabinets and maximize storage space, the Sonic Foam System is one of the things that makes us different from our competitors.

The Sonic Foam System is marked and identified clearly with a two-tone system for easy reference of any missing tools and is chemical resistant. With the CNC machined and labeled tool foam, you can quickly see if your tools are missing from their designated space. It could take a long time to realize which tool is missing from a drawer when using a toolbox without a tool foam system in place, which could cause you to lose valuable time and money on projects. The Sonic Foam System has been proven to accelerate the inventory of toolboxes, reduce the risk of misplaced tools, and expedite the retrieval and return of tools.

Work Efficiently With Sonic

Our SFS has been tested in an independent time study, proving its efficiency. The research showed that when using our foam toolsets, a technician can take inventory of their toolbox 78% faster, reduce misplaced tools by 80%, and retrieve and return tools 20% more quickly.

By the numbers:

  • 78 % Faster Inventory of Toolbox

  • 80 % Reduced Misplaced Tools

  • 20 % Faster Retrieval and Return