Random Vandals Racing

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Random Vandals Racing was looking to be more efficient in the garage. That’s why they chose Sonic Tools.

Tim Fields, the Car Chief and Shop Manager for Random Vandals Racing was first introduced to Sonic Tools while he was crewing for the FCP Euro TCR Volkswagen GTI’s. Fields said, “When I saw the quality of the tools and the organization system in the boxes, I was hooked.”


For race teams, it’s extremely important to be as efficient as possible when working on a car during a race. Sonic Tools makes return and retrieval of tools faster than ever. Fields said, “Being able to find the right tool quickly always helps increase productivity. Also, being able to quickly see what tools are not in their proper places helps immensely. It takes just a few seconds to scan every drawer and feel confident nothing was left out.”

Fields was particularly impressed with the quality of Sonic Tools. “They are on par with any professional tool company”, he added, “The boxes come with just about everything you could possibly need.”

Sonic is proud of the experience we provide for our customers. It’s important to ensure every customer has a seamless experience. When speaking of the customer experience, Fields said, “We get what we need very quickly. Anytime I have needed something, I make one call and a human picks up and helps me, that’s tough to find these days.” Adding on to his personal experience with Sonic, Fields added, “It’s been excellent since day one. Things are shipped extremely fast and the website it packed with all sorts of info and tools. Our rep has been incredibly helpful and friendly. We are proud to have the Sonic name here at our shop and at the racetrack!”

When I saw the quality of the tools and the organization system in the boxes, I was hooked.

Tim Fields – Car Chief, Random Vandals Racing


Sonic Tools works with customers in all different industries, but all have one thing in common: they want a more efficient, affordable, and high-quality solution. Random Vandals Racing success story is just another example of how Sonic is constantly striving to help its’ consumers work more efficiently and get more done.