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A student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia

Sonic Spotlight is an opportunity for us to highlight some of the most talented students and technicians in their field! We are excited to introduce August’s Sonic Spotlight: Meet Tomas!

Tomas is an Airframe and Powerplant Certified technician with six years of aerospace experience, and just recently purchased a 454-PC Advanced Aviation Toolset with an S12XD Toolbox. As a member of the United States Air Force, Tomas gained valuable experience and furthered his career knowledge by earning a Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Management from Liberty University.


“I haven’t put in as many hours with the tools as some technicians, but I was recently hired in my first civilian mechanic job, and they required me to already be set to go with basic hand tools. Sonic helped me not need to build up tools and storage in little separate pieces. That would’ve taken way too long and ultimately been way more money.” 


Tomas states how he believes that Sonic “is the best one-stop shop that he has found for students.” The 35% off student discount, $7,000 in student financing, and customer service offered to students was extremely valuable to him. The Sonic Student Program allows students like Tomas to get their dream toolbox and tools necessary for their careers at an affordable price and with an easy process.


Tomas’s current goal is to successfully transition to the civilian sector of aviation. He is excited to start a new job as an Embraer technician in Colorado. When choosing his equipment, he selected Sonic Tools because of our student support and complete toolsets, which he knows will help him succeed in this next chapter of his career. 


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