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A recent graduate from North Central Institute in Tennessee

Sonic Spotlight is an opportunity for us to highlight some of the best students and technicians in their field! We are excited to introduce March’s Sonic Spotlight: Meet Laura!

Laura is a recent graduate from North Central Institute and has recently purchased our tools to kickstart her career as an aviation technician. She states that her favorite feature of our products is our Sonic Foam System and how the foam inlays have helped keep all of her tools organized and easy to find while at work. Laura has been able to achieve many projects with Sonic’s tools and is ready to impress potential employers with her new toolset that’s ready to help her complete any job!


“I highly recommend Sonic to anyone I meet in need of tools. You get big name quality without the price tag and an excellent warranty on top, for all your tools. The sets, shadowed and serialized, makes things so easy for getting started. Instead of trying to piece together 100+ piece tool sets, which leave you having duplicate items from various combo packs, they offer many options to choose from based on your needs. The whole process was just wonderful!”


“I reached out to my assigned student service specialist with some questions about how the discount works and how to purchase my tools with it included. Shawn was extremely knowledgeable about everything and walked me through the entire process. He answered my questions quickly and entirely. He made it very easy to go through the purchase process, including the loan application! His complete knowledge of not only the Sonic tools and sales, but also the terms of the loan made me very comfortable in purchasing my set. I had confidence in spending my money on a quality tool I know will serve me well in my future in the aviation industry.”


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