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A student at Penn Foster in Arizona

Sonic Spotlight is an opportunity to highlight some of the best students and technicians in their field! We are excited to introduce April’s Sonic Spotlight: Meet Marshall!

Marshall is currently a student at Penn Foster in Scottsdale, Arizona who just recently purchased a Sonic NEXT S15 toolbox with tools to prepare him for his career after graduation. When asked the main reason why he would recommend our products to others, Marshall explains how quality, cost points and organization is what sold him on Sonic. Marshall has already been able to achieve the complete breakdown of a motorcycle chassis and engine with his new NEXT S15 toolbox and tools from Sonic!


“I feel like I have the best tools money can buy, at a price I am willing to pay for tools.” 


“I have been waiting for a while to buy a toolbox, primarily because I couldn’t find one that I really liked. Either the quality didn’t match the expense, or they were cheap and poorly constructed, with flimsy drawers and strange colors. I had my tools out sitting on various tables and shelves waiting for a toolbox on which I was willing to spend money. I bought the Sonic Moto Toolset and was hooked on the quality and the laser cut foam inserts and organization of the Sonic Foam System. With additional tool purchases, it was finally time to get a bigger toolbox, I opted for the S15. In my opinion, they are the best toolboxes you can buy. The drawers are sturdy, spacious, and smooth. The foam inserts fit perfectly. They are the kind of toolbox that you can take pride in.”


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