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A student at Spokane Community College in Spokane, Washington

Sonic Spotlight is an opportunity for us to highlight some of the best students and technicians in their field! We are excited to introduce May’s Sonic Spotlight: Meet Nathan!

Nathan is currently a student at Spokane Community College in Spokane, Washington studying aviation maintenance with his sister Mikaela. Nathan purchased the 263-PC Intermediate Aviation Toolset along with an S9 toolbox and has been using them to rebuild aircraft engines and propellers. 


“The thing that really made Sonic stand out from others is the quality and that I can get everything that I need for my profession from one place with a great price and a good warranty. I really like that Sonic has sets just for aviation maintenance, so I did not have to hunt all over the site to find the tools that I need. The quality of the tools is really nice! The tools feel nice and sturdy and have a nice fit to my hand. It’s nice to know that I have such great tools. The lifetime warranty is great too, and it’s nice to know that if one ever breaks, I can get a replacement.”


Nathan states that the main thing that sold him on buying our tools is how “everything that he needed for his career was in one place. The quality of the tools combined with how organized everything is in a foam tray was also a big selling point.“ He also explains how another nice feature is the laser etching of each tool and how they all come engraved with a number so that he will always know which tools are his while at work.


“The sales process was really nice. The sales rep was very nice and walked through the process with me. Shawn was very helpful and went way beyond in his service. Shawn knew that we needed our tools quickly and made sure that we knew the order deadline to get our tools out in the next shipment. He also ensured that the order department got our order so that tools would ship at the earliest opportunity. There were a few bumps with the supply chain, but Sonic shipped the bulk of the tools which was really nice. They also kept me up to date with information on when the unavailable tools were expected. Overall, it was a great experience.”


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