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Wedge special level 9x1.2 in. (230x30mm)

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Achieve precise and reliable leveling with our 9x1.2 inches Special Level Wedge. Engineered for accuracy and durability, it ensures precise leveling in various applications. Upgrade your toolkit for accurate results in your projects!


The Special Level Wedge, measuring 9x1.2 inches, is a precision-engineered tool designed for accurate leveling applications. Crafted with precision and durability, it provides reliable and precise leveling for various tasks, ensuring optimal results in your projects.

Product Details:

  • Special Level Wedge, 9x1.2 Inches
  • Precision-engineered for accurate leveling
  • Durable construction for reliable performance
  • Ideal for various leveling applications

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  • Weight: 0.09lbs


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Wedge special level 9x1.2 in. (230x30mm)
Wedge special level 9x1.2 in. (230x30mm)