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Wedge spiky 10x8 in. (250x20mm)

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Experience enhanced stability with our 10x8-inch Spiky Wedge. Perfect for woodworking, construction, or as a secure door stopper. Upgrade your toolkit for secure and stable applications!


Our Spiky Wedge, measuring 10x8 inches, offers a unique design for versatile applications. With its spiky surface, it provides enhanced stability and grip, suitable for various tasks like woodworking, construction, or as a door stopper, offering a secure hold and preventing slipping.

Additional Information:

  • Spiky Wedge measuring 10x8 inches
  • Unique design with a spiky surface for enhanced stability
  • Versatile tool for woodworking, construction, or as a door stopper
  • Provides a secure hold and prevents slipping

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  • Weight: 0.04lbs


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Wedge spiky 10x8 in. (250x20mm)
Wedge spiky 10x8 in. (250x20mm)