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Pliers Set, 18-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 601802K

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$765.00 - $800.00 $495.00 - $531.00


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This Sonic 18-piece set has a plethora of hand tools and precision instruments. Sonic pliers are made from tool steel, forged, and oil-hardened for performance and durability. Ergonomic grips provide comfort while maximizing grip. This set includes both straight and bent needle nose pliers for work in tight areas, and two circlip pliers for removing snap-rings (circlips). Vernier calipers offer precise measurements for inside and outside diameters, and the feeler gauge set offers 26 different thicknesses.


Four carbon steel files provide excellent results, while ergonomic handles offer comfort and resistance to chemicals. A retracting utility razor knife and utility razor blades are ready to make the cut.  A tape measure and 10" locking pliers round out this set. (601802, 601802-CE)


  • Tool Sizes Engraved in Foam
  • Laser Cut and Chemical Resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty and 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange
  • Combination Pliers 7" (Germany)
  • Long Nose Pliers 8" (Germany)
  • Bent Long Nose Pliers 8" (Germany)
  • Diagonal Pliers 10" (Germany)
  • Waterpump Pliers 7" (Germany)
  • Snap Ring Pliers, Straight-Open (Germany)
  • Snap Ring Pliers, Straight-Close (Germany)
  • Snap Ring Pliers, Bent-Open (Germany)
  • Snap Ring Pliers, Bent-Close (Germany)
  • Locking Pliers 10"
  • Utility Knife Zinc Alloy (Including 13 Blades)
  • Flat File 8"
  • Half Round File 8"
  • Round File 8"
  • Triangular File 8"
  • Feeler Gauge 26-PCS
  • Vernier Caliper 
  • Measuring Tape: 16.4ft, 5m


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  • Weight: 9.14lbs


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Pliers Set, 18-PCS - MEDIUM SFS
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