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Pliers Set, 23-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 602304K

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$875.00 - $920.00


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Automatic wire strippers remove the sheath from .5 to 4mm wire without changing anything, while the 10" manual wire strippers strip the sheath and crimp insulated electrical connectors. Two hammers include Italian made hickory handles with natural shock absorbing action. The machinist hammer delivers precision dead blows, while the synthetic headed hammer is great for softer materials, like aluminum. A tool-steel scraper is an excellent choice for gasket removal, and the wire brush cleans a variety of surfaces.


Chisels and punches are made from precision tool steel and CNC machined for accuracy. Foam rubber handles are chemical resistant and a synthetic cap-ring protects your hand from any misaligned strikes. Various sizes and shapes ensure you have the right chisel for the job. Sonic pliers are made from tool steel, forged, and oil-hardened for performance and durability. Ergonomic grips provide comfort while maximizing grip. Our adjustable pliers can be opened to your desired size and the pliers include locking jaws and an easy release lever. Also, curved tip Circlip Pliers make removing snap-rings (circlips) a breeze. (602304, 602304-CE)

  • Tool Sizes Engraved in Foam
  • Laser Cut and Chemical Resistant 
  • Lifetime Warranty and 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange
  • Combination Pliers 7" (Germany)
  • Long Nose Pliers 8" (Germany)
  • Diagonal Pliers 7" (Germany)
  • Waterpump Pliers 10" (Germany)
  • Locking Pliers 10"
  • Snap Ring Pliers, Bent-Open (Germany)
  • Automatic Wire Stripper 0.5-4mm
  • Wire Stripper 10"
  • Grip Chisel: 170mmL, 6.7"(L) 16, 190mmL 7.5"(L) 18
  • Grip Cape Chisel 190mmL 7.5"(L) 7 
  • Grip Pin Punch: 140mmL 5.5"(L) 2, 150mmL 6"(L) 3, 180mmL 7"(L) 4, 200mmL 8"(L) 5, 210mmL 8.2"(L) 6, 220mmL 8.6"(L) 8 
  • Grip Center Punch: 185mmL, 7.2"(L) 4
  • Machinist Hammer; 400gr Italian Hickory Handle
  • Hammer with Nylon Tips; 400gr (1lb.) Italian Hickory Handle 
  • Scraper
  • Steel Brush
  • Universal Wedge" 190 x 30mm, 7.5"(L) x 1.1"(W)


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  • Weight: 10.19lbs


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Pliers Set, 23-PCS - MEDIUM SFS
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