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Long Nose Locking Pliers 6''

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Sonic locking pliers provide hand-free use and feature a locking mechanism to hold things in place. Includes a simple quick release mechanism and great for holding materials together until permanently joined. Provides strength and durability.


Long Nose Locking Pliers 6''

Our 6" Long Nose Locking Pliers provide a versatile and precise grip for various tasks. Crafted with durability and precision in mind, these pliers ensure reliable performance in tight spaces.

Additional Information:

  • 6-inch size for versatile applications
  • Long nose design for precise gripping
  • Locking mechanism for secure hold
  • Crafted for durability and reliability
  • Ideal for intricate tasks in tight spaces
  • Height: 12.06mm, total length: 169.7mm, width: 42.5mm



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  • Weight: 1lbs


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Long Nose Locking Pliers 6''
Long Nose Locking Pliers 6''