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Locking Pliers 9"

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Sonic locking pliers provide hand-free use and feature a locking mechanism to hold things in place. Includes a simple quick release mechanism and great for holding materials together until permanently joined. Provides strength and durability.


Locking Pliers 9"

These 9" curved locking jaws provide the leverage and grip to lock down on almost any fastener. These Sonic locking pliers are made from Chrome Vanadium steel for a lifetime of durability, resisting rust and corrosion. Cutting blades deep in the jaws of the locking pliers provide cutting force for solid and stranded wire. Sonic locking pliers are covered by a lifetime warranty.

  • Hand-Free Use
  • Locking Mechanism and Quick Release Mechanism
  • Lifetime Warranty and 24-hour Online Tool Exchange
  • Height: 19.36mm, total length: 230mm, width: 64.82mm


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  • Weight: 1.23lbs


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Locking Pliers 9"
Locking Pliers 9"