Sonic Tools’ solutions are used in some of the best facilities around the world. Why? Sonic offers not only the best organizational foam system on the market, but also works with facilities to make sure they’re getting the storage solutions and tools they need to help their team work as efficiently as possible. For most shop owners, they want their team to be able to work efficiently because time = money. But how do you entice technicians to want to come work for you and stay? Sonic has some suggestions that you may find helpful.

Implementing integrated tools and workstations improves efficiency and productivity while eliminating missing tools. When technicians have an organized workstation, they’re able to get more work done, faster. You have to make sure your techs have the right tools and are equipped to do their job the best way possible. Saving money while maximizing productivity is key.

It’s also important to develop a culture of accountability that centers around organization and efficiency. An environment that your technicians are proud of. Provide the technicians the ability to join your team and then pay for their toolbox and tools through their paychecks. Starting technicians with trade school debt start any job with one thing on their mind, “who will pay me the most so I can get out of debt?” If debt is their focus, then being loyal to you won’t be. Eliminate the mountain of debt by providing them the correct equipment and allow them to pay for it through their paychecks.

Sonic’s goal is to improve the efficiency of technicians and help shops improve their recruiting and retention. That’s why we strive to provide the best possible experience for every customer. Whether you need one toolbox or to outfit an entire facility with an array of cabinets, Sonic is the single source for all your tools, storage, and organizational solutions.