Changing the Aviation Industry

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When it comes to the aviation maintenance industry, organization is key, and nobody has as much experience or knowledge of organization like Sonic. We’re dedicated to helping the aviation industry and its’ technicians by improving efficiency through organization with our Sonic Foam System.

Having the right equipment for the job is critical, that’s why Sonic designs and manufactures equipment to perform maintenance on private airplanes, commercial jets, military helicopters and more, all at a value that can’t be beat.

Sonic is committed to the aviation industry in a way that other companies aren’t. We offer various tool solutions for those that are just starting out to even the most seasoned technicians with our Basic, Intermediate and Advanced solutions.

Nothing matches our level of aviation offerings that create organization and increases productivity and efficiency. With Sonic, you’re not just getting the tools necessary to do your job, you’re creating an environment for success.

If you want to help take the aviation maintenance industry to the next level by working smarter and creating ultimate tool control, work with Sonic.