Sonic Tools Announces 2020 Partnership with GMP Performance

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Sonic is proud to announce GMP Performance as its newest partner. Sonic will help equip GMP Performance for track days and race events across the country, as well as their shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. GMP Performance will help distribute Sonic product and advertise the Sonic brand throughout the country at track days, race events, and inside their home shop.

“Our entire GMP Performance team is extremely excited to partner with Sonic Tools for our trackside services,” said GMP Performance’s Director of Operations Stephen Klitzsch. “The Sonic toolboxes, and especially their foam system for tools, is a welcome asset to our technicians. Helping customers at the track is a race against the clock as we try to prepare and repair their vehicles so they don’t miss a single minute of any one of their track sessions. Having tools individually located in each drawer makes them easy to find during the day and inventory a breeze for post event debrief.”

“Sonic is always excited to partner with automotive aftermarket and race-oriented businesses,”
said Justin Hokanson, Sonic’s Director of Marketing. “Our clientele aligns, and with our European roots, partnering with an aftermarket shop that caters to German cars made sense. Like Sonic, GMP focuses on the die-hard car enthusiast that has a deep passion for quality products that get the job done.”

In addition, Sonic will provide special pricing on select products for loyal GMP Performance customers.

About GMP:
GMP Performance was founded in 1975 in Charlotte, North Carolina. GMP is a German car aftermarket business Carolina that caters to European car enthusiasts. GMP specializes in performance upgrades and service for German cars. GMP has a motorsports mentality in everything they do and make sure that cars are ready for the track, even if it’s being driven down the street.

About Sonic:
Sonic is a highly experienced specialist in the development and production of professional hand tools and toolboxes. With immense knowledge and expertise, Sonic has a growing reputation for its quality automotive repair tools and related products. Our global headquarters is located in the Netherlands. We are proud to offer lifetime warranties on all our hand tools, toolboxes and wall storage systems. Our equipment meets and exceeds all acceptable standards across the world.

Check out GMP Performance here

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