AUBURN, AL (February 5, 2020) – Save Time. Make Money. Work with Sonic.

Tired of spending too much time searching for your tools and trying to keep your workspace clean and organized? The Sonic Foam System was made for people like you.

The Sonic Foam System allows easy, organized storage of tools that will help you work more efficiently and increase productivity. Each foam system includes a printed inventory control sheet so you can quickly and easily make sure each tool is in its’ proper place. With over 250 foams to choose from, and sizes ranging from small, medium, large and extra deep, you can customize your toolbox with tools that fit your unique needs.

Our foam system has been proven to increase efficiency in technicians while decreasing the number of misplaced tools. You no longer have to spend extra time at the end of your day trying to find misplaced tools, now you can rest assured that each tool has its’ own place with labeled tool locations on every foam.

Organization and efficiency are essential to a technician, that’s why Sonic has made quality tools in a way that awards every technician the opportunity to excel.

The Sonic Foam System is backed by a lifetime warranty with our 24-hour online tool exchange that makes exchanging broken tools a breeze.

If you want to increase your organization and productivity, switch to Sonic and experience the difference.