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Tyre valve driver 0.45NM

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Maintain tire valves with precision using our 0.45Nm Tyre Valve Driver. Accurate torque, essential for proper valve maintenance. Elevate your tire care today!


Precision meets ease with our Tyre Valve Driver calibrated at 0.45Nm. Designed for accurate application of torque to tire valves, this tool ensures proper installation or adjustment without over-tightening. An essential addition for automotive professionals or enthusiasts ensuring precise tire valve maintenance.

Additional Information:

  • Torque Calibration: Set at 0.45Nm for accurate tire valve handling
  • Precision Application: Avoids over-tightening for proper valve maintenance
  • Automotive Essential: Ideal for tire valve adjustments and installations

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  • Weight: 0.04lbs


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Tyre valve driver 0.45NM
Tyre valve driver 0.45NM