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Machinist Hammer 200gr

SKU: 4611200-obsolete

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This 200 gram, or 1/2"lb hammer is perfect for around the shop. The blunt nose and wedge nose combine great for metal shaping and general purpose. The ash handle absorbs shock very well yet it is hard enough to be durable for years.


Machinist Hammer 200gr.

This machinist hammer features an ash wood handle. Provides an ergonomic handle designed to optimize comfort and torque. Created to endure heavy-duty wear and tear.

  • Ergonomic Ash Wood Handle
  • Lifetime Warranty with 24-hour Online Tool Exchange
  • Height: 22.56, length: 278mm, width: 92.45mm

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  • Weight: 0.32lbs


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Machinist Hammer 200gr
Machinist Hammer 200gr