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Filled MSS 110", 533-pcs SS top

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Create the ultimate work space with the MSS modular storage systems. Keep your work space organized to maximize your work flow and productivity! This MSS setup comes with Sonic's 533-PCS toolset.


Filled MSS 110", 533-pcs Stainless Steel Top

This MSS system creates the best work environment by keeping it clean and organized. It is equipped with 3 overhead cupboards, a closet and a small, convenient cabinet for maximum storage. It features hanger boards that hang tools and materials. It includes a stainless steel top blade for added work surface. The drawers are 100% retractable and the MSS system has front, centralized locks to keep items secure and safe. It is compatible with Sonic Foam System (SFS) and is a completely self-supporting structure. This system enhances your work organization and efficiency. 

  • Hanger boards
  • Stainless Steel Top Blade
  • 3 overhead cupboards
  • closet
  • cabinet
  • Compatible with Sonic Foam System (SFS)
  • Self-supporting structure
  • Front, centralized locks
  • Lifetime Warranty with 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange
  • Dimensions:  110.4” x 20.9” x 78.7”

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Filled MSS 110", 533-pcs SS top
Filled MSS 110", 533-pcs SS top