• s12XD Toolbox
  • screwdriver set
  • 1/4 and 3/8 socket set
  • 1/2 socket set with torque wrench
  • wrench set
  • pliers and cutting tool set
  • utility tool set
  • 672-PC Advanced Toolset Walk-Through | Sonic Tools
  • The Sonic Pathway Program

672-PC Advanced Toolset

An Advanced badge designates the solution as an extremely comprehensive solution that fits the needs of the most experienced technicians in the industry. Advanced
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$8,000.00 - $11,600.00
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$8,000.00 - $11,600.00
The Sonic 672 piece toolset is the advanced step of our Pathway Program and includes a wide array of tools that you'll need to get any job done. The Sonic Pathway Program introduces an innovative way to allow affordable growth of a technician's tools. We provide solutions tailored to technicians at every level of their career. We've created this toolset through years of gathering tool lists from the largest OEM's and auto groups in the country. With this complete toolset you'll get an S12XDtoolbox and 7 drawers filled with tools all in the Sonic foam inlays. Including screwdrivers, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 sockets, impact sockets, multiple ranges of torque wrenches, bit sockets, ratchets, multiple styles of wrenches, and utility tools. This set comes standard with a serialized tool ID laser etched on each tool. Custom etching is available for added cost.

Toolset Features

Professional Quality
Professional Quality

Our toolboxes, tools, and Sonic Foam are all precision engineered to the highest quality, meeting or exceeding all DIN and ASE standards. Our products are built to stand up to any task.

Inventory Control System
Inventory Control System

Each tool in the set is serialized, shadowed in CNC machined EVA foam, and includes an inventory control book that makes our Inventory Control System unrivaled in the industry.

Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

We're proud of the products we make, and honor that by offering you a lifetime warranty. We offer a hassle-free experience and ship directly to you LEARN MORE

Toolbox Features

Drawer Construction
Drawer Construction

All drawers are built from 1 piece of steel with structural ribs added for rigidity. Each drawer is affixed with ball bearing slides and are fully extendable exposing 100% of the drawer's content.


Featuring an Anti-tilt mechanism to allow for only 1 drawer to be open at any given time, reducing the possibility of unbalanced weightand tipping. When one drawer is open, all other drawers are locked.

Fit, Finish and Construction
Fit, Finish and Construction

All Sonic toolboxes feature a one-piece steel construction. This maximizes strength and rigidity. The S9 toolbox features a 303 stainless steel worktop, ABS plastic bumpers, and a powder coated finish.

What's included


Work Efficient. Work With Sonic
78% Faster
80% Reduced
20% Faster

Technical Specs

Customer Reviews

  • Brandon S - Oct 6th 2021

    Ford ASSET Program Tools

    Just started with the Ford ASSET program and knew for my tools I needed to go with yall. First heard of Sonic a few years ago on Obsessed Garage and AdamLZ on youtube before being suggested Sonic by our instructor. With the student discount and the amazing warrantee I couldn't pass it up. Love the brand!

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